Ministry of Youth and Sports

Opinion delay prolongation

Open national and international invitation to tender with minimum capacity requirements N ° 02 / MS / 2019

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The Ministry of Youth and Sports informs all bidders who have withdrawn the specifications book for national and international open bidding with minimum capacity requirements N ° 02 / MS / 2019 on "equipment of an anti-doping control laboratory ", published in the national daily on 18/06/2019 and the BOMOP, that the preparation time of the offers initially fixed at 60 days is extended by 15 days.

The date of submission of tenders corresponds to the initial day of the deadline for preparation of initial tenders increased by the extension period and from the first publication of the notice of invitation to tender in the press or in the BOMOP, at the most 12.00 am.

If this date, coincides with a public holiday or a legal weekly rest day (Friday or Saturday), the opening date of the technical and financial bids will be extended until the next business day.

The opening in public session of technical and financial bids in the presence of all bidders will take place on the day of submission of offers at 14h00 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, situated at 03, Rue Mohamed Belouizded Algiers.